Thorn Broadheads - Driving Accuracy Through Hidden Blade Technology
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    At first glance, you may wonder how the Thorn broadhead works. Some of the most successful designs are the simplest ones. We at Thorn Archery have strived to create a very user-friendly design because let’s face it, none of us hunters have time for complicated or inferior equipment. Let’s start with the tip. We designed our patented “RIP TIP” to deliver bone crushing devastation. The RIP TIP design also has a very aggressive grab to hair and flesh to create optimal thrust to fully deploy blades upon impact. Our patented “Hidden Blade Technology” allows our blades to be completely contained inside the body of the broadhead. This gives the Thorn Broadhead the most streamlined design ever. With no blades or activation devises exposed, its simple aerodynamics that makes this broadhead the most accurate on the planet……ever! We also have patented the most reliable blade containment system on the market. Our Sheer Pin design is a molded pin made to contain blades inside the body of the Thorn broadhead. Simply line up sheer pin holes in each blade with sheer pin hole in body, then pull sheer pin thru holes until the ball end of sheer pin rests against the blade hole. Then snip off excess. You’re ready to shoot.